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Get Out of Storefront or Internet Payday Loan Debt – Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Florida.

How do I get out of storefront payday loan debt or loans I took out online through the internet or in a street store? We hear that question every day from people like you in California, Ohio or Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania. Storefront or online internet payday debt is a terrible burden to live under – with a direct impact on your financial and emotional well being. We understand the worry and effect on you and your family. Essentially, you want to get out from under this debt load. Who do you go to when you really want the best, honest, ethical service? There are a lot of companies advertising for your business. How do you know which one to trust? Call us. You’ll hear the difference in our care and the way we answer your questions. For one thing, we don’t ask for another loan from you. No further loans. That makes all the difference in the world, right?. If you have a website loan or a physical storefront (store) loan, we will work with you to pay down to zero these debts. At PLCC, we’re proud to say we are the best and most experienced among the companies working in this industry. With over ten years in the business, we’ve addressed every kind of situation consumers face. We work with you to craft a customized package. And, again, we don’t require another loan that you would need to take with us—as many of our competitors require.

Important point: if you’ve gone to a brick and mortar storefront store for a loan most businesses in this industry won’t work with you. They’ll refuse to handle the debts from those stores. That is why our service is the one you should be calling. So don’t spend your time calling other firms that won’t help you with storefront lenders like Western Union (and others). Covering all national areas where permitted. In and for Los Angeles. LA. Pasadena. Burbank. Riverside. Glendale. Southern California. California. CA. Orange county. Ventura county. San Jose. In Sacramento. San Francisco. Oakland. SF Bay Area. Florida. Miami. Jacksonville. Tampa. Ohio. Cleveland. Columbus. Cincinnati. Texas. Houston. Dallas. San Antonio. Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. PA. TX. OH. FL. And many more cities and states.


    I was swamped with payday loans. Being an idiot, I would get one to pay off another until I was snowballed with them. I called Payday Freedom. I was really nervous at first but they walked me through the process and helped me pay them off at a reasonable amount every month!! I would RECOMMEND them to anyone who has an issue with payday loans!!

    Thanks so much for helping me get these paid off and under control!!

    Posted on 10/27/2011

  • Excellent service!!!

    I just completed my program in January 2013 and I am so excited because this was supposed to be a 12 month program and I actually finished early. Almost one year ago I would not have believed this day would come because I was so stressed out with trying to pay off the payday loans I had. I knew I needed help, but was concerned about falling for scams. I was even skeptical after speaking with Darryl Maxwell, but I trusted him after reading the reviews and he came through for me and now I am payday loan free. Thank you Payday Freedom!!!

    Queita G.
    Posted on 1/25/2013

  • What an awesome experience!!!

    Thank you so much to the team at payday freedom, Ms. Sanches and Mr. Maxwell were very professional and walked me through the entire process. Not only did they settle all of my outstanding paydayloans the entire process which initally was to take 9 months was finished in 7. Payday loans can be a help for short term needs but you can quickly become a victim of a vicious cycle which grows completely out of control. Thank you for all of your help!

    Theresa F.
    Posted on 1/9/2013

  • Wonderful service.

    Wonderful service!!! So nice to work with. They really helped me out of a bad situation. With their help I was able to pay everyone back.

    Kathy P.
    Posted on 1/2/2013

  • You Can Trust Payday Freedom

    A year ago I was wondering how to get out of the horrible mess I had created using Payday Loans. I decided to trust and try Payday Freedom. What a blessing. The guys do exactly as they promise. They are kind and truly dedicated to help you help yourself. They stop the calls and set up a way for you to start over immediately. Email them and find out the solution to your financial bondage. These guys are so nice and reputable.

    Sammie W.
    Posted on 12/30/2012

  • grateful for the service

    obtaining the consolidation loan for my payday loans was the best thing I could have have done, and it helped me get from under in a way that was cost effective for me. I strongly recommed this progream to anyone that needs assistance is paying off their loans.

    Karen C.
    Posted on 12/14/2012

  • great company - highly recommended

    I just had to take the time to write a review about this company. One year ago I was drowning in payday loans - trying to pay them back and getting absolutely nowhere. I searched the computer to try and find a reputable company. I found Payday-Freedom and read up on their company and decided to make the call. That was the best decision I ever could make. The representative at that time walked me through the process of what it would entail and the company took it from there. If I had a question about anything I would receive a response to my email the same or next day.

    I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs assistance with their financial situation.

    Thank you Payday-Freedom.

    Posted on 12/10/2012

  • Great to Work With!

    Payday Freedom did a great job and fulfilled their promise to get all my payday loans off my back! It was great to turn everything over to them and they take care of the rest! Nothing to worry about! Easy process to get started too!

    William S.
    Posted on 12/10/2012


    I came to Payday Loan Freedom in complete financial collapse because of way too many payday loan. The were more than accomodating because my problems didn't stop when I signed up with them, and I will be forever grateful to them for the help and understanding they gave me.

    Posted on 12/5/2012

  • Payday Freedom - Absolutely 5 Stars! A lifesaver - well, at least a sanity saver.

    After getting myself into a genuinely horrendous situation, thinking somehow I could borrow myself out of debt and "catch up" when my semi-annual bonus arrived, I contacted Payday Freedom on the advice of a friend. What a great decision that was! They worked with me all the way, from initial steps in the process through frequent and helpful responses to all my questions. The result was a payment plan that fit my stretched budget and got rid of the exorbitant rates and fees that were burying me from payday loans. Payday Freedom has my highest recommendation. They did the job for me in consolidation of a huge amount of accumulated payday loan debt. Their system works! D.F. Coffman

    Frank C.
    Posted on 12/5/2012

  • Very Helpful

    Payday Freedom got me out of quite a mess with payday loans. You just do not realize how seriously in debt you can become. Darryl was very helpful and made the process very simple. I highly recommend them!

    Lisa B.
    Posted on 12/28/2012

  • Honest and Non-Judgemental. Best group of guys!

    I just finished my payoff contract. These guys are the absolutely the best. They worked with me from beginning to end. Never judgmental, they only wanted the best for me. Everytime I need to speak to them either by email or by phone, they answered promptly and answered every question. The promises made to me at the beginning, for ex. amount of payment, payoff date, etc were held true. I would like to see more people effected by the predatory practices of payday loans and find themselves in trouble, to be able to contact Payday Freedom. Wow. Not to keep raving but when I spoke to Darryl or anyone else at the company it was like talking to a friend.

    Elizabeth F.
    Posted on 11/27/2012

  • great company

    great company to work with

    ronell h.
    Posted on 11/11/2012

  • Professional and courteous, great folks to work with!

    When you find yourself trapped in the payday loan cycle and realize there is no hope for repaying back. Then Payday Freedom is the solution. They combine all your loans,and you make one easy payment over a period of time. All those harassing phone calls and letters will cease. They are very nice to work with. They will guide you step-by-step and put you at ease. And in time, you will be just like I am today, pay day loan debt free. I definitely give this company a 5 star rating. Once again, if you find yourself in a pay day crisis. I highly recommend you call Payday Freedom. Have a joyous holiday season everyone At Payday Freedom, I know I will do to your excellent service. Once again, thank you so much. Alex B

    Alex B.
    Posted on 11/8/2012


    I just sent in all my paperwork to start the process of eliminating my payday loan debt. I had so many loans that it was taking my full paycheck to pay the fees. I feel like I've had a load taken off my shoulders. Darryl was very helpful and patient in answering all my questions. It was time for a change and I really feel this was the answer I needed!

    Phyllis D.
    Posted on 10/18/2012